ONLINE PRESENTATION - Faroe Islands, Denmark

DURATION - 1 hour 30mins

In this presentation we go to the spectacular Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Known for it's peaceful living, many many charismatic sheep (sheep outnumber people) and it's spectacular landscapes, The Faroes should be on all landscape photographers bucket list.

In this presentation I take you on a journey to many of the 18 islands as we spent 12 days exploring this fabulous landscape in 2018.



PS. If you would like to photograph the Faroe Islands for yourself, we will be running a workshop there again in late 2020 (hopefully) and 2021. Visit our workshops page at tomputt.com for more information.


Here's some of the feedback from this workshop:

"Thanks Tom Putt absolutely brilliant. Looking forward to the next one. 👍" Vicki

"Hey Tom, Thank you so much for showing me the Faroe Islands. So looking forward to getting there with you and Mary." Jackie, VIC

"Well done Tom. Thanks for sharing & I really like the behind the scenes component to the presentation. Look like both informative trips, amazing locations and lots of fun too." Ross

"Greatly appreciate you sharing yet another amazing presentation. A great mix of stunning landscapes, photography tips and fun. Love your work." Julie

"Really enjoyable Tom, amazing photos as usual, thanks so much for your time and effort sharing this with us while in lock down.👏👏" Denise

"Thanks again Tom fantastic and appreciate your efforts and time." Ian

"Wow. Thanks so much for this one Tome. Incredible again. And the colours in the Iceland shots are just stunning. Another couple for the bucket list." Linda

"Thank you Tom for another brilliant presentation." Vicki

"I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this amazing place, thank you for sharing it and your wonderful photography." Merilyn

"Great video Tom, looks like an amazing place." Jessie

"Thanks Tom what a fabulous presentation."  Kerry

"Thank you Tom for your presentation is really good.........your photos are really beautiful." Clara

"Wow that was so interesting and loved everything you captured!' Jenny

"Thanks Tom, it was inspiring." Jacks

"Thanks Tom for the insight into the Faroes. Certainly is spectacular." Chris

"Thank you for showcasing such an amazing place 👏," Lynn

"Thanks Tom for share with us this incredible landscape. I enjoyed it very much." Maribi

"Thanks for sharing amazing trip. I wish to be there!!! Stunning photos!" Grace

"Such a lovely place - great photos Tom thank you 😊." Amanda

"Awesome presentation. Thanks for showing us this remarkable place." Travis

"Thanks Tom. Really enjoyed that. Remarkable landscape." Terrie

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