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Kangaroo Island Bushfire Fundraiser

LIMITED EDITION of just 100 prints.

Hi guys I'm know I'm a little late to the party and many of you, like me, have know doubt donated to the various bushfire appeals.

But if you haven't donated, or would be able to perhaps donate a little more, please read on.

I felt that I could do more than just donate money - my photography is such an important part of my life. My imagery from this island is some of my favourite from my career.

Kangaroo Island, where I have run four photographic workshops, has been totally burnt out on the western side where most of the native bushland once stood.

The bushland in this photo no longer exists. It is just charred sticks and bare ground.

This island had incredible beauty and we hope that one day it recovers. In the meantime, many hundreds of people have been traumatised by this ordeal and will need help to recover psychologically.

I'm offering this previously unreleased gloss print of Kangaroo Island to donate the proceeds to Beyond Blue who will be instrumental in helping people long after their houses have been rebuilt.

This print would normally be $695 but thanks to the generosity of my good friend Liam Tovey at BRILLIANT PRINTS, I'm offering it at just $100.

This unframed 30 x 18in (76 x 45cms) print is printed on premium gloss paper and I hope it brings you years of enjoyment.

Thank you for your support. Click on the link below to purchase and the first comment also has the link.



- Your artwork comes with special non-reflective ArtGlass which means that you can see the beautiful artwork, not the distracting reflection from normal glass.

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