Franklin River Rafting Adventure Photography Workshop


10th to 19th November 2023

When it comes to Bucket List adventures, the Franklin River Rafting has to be easily in the top 5 world adventures to experience.

Rafting for 8 days down this completely untouched and wild river is an experience that you will never forget.

For 8 days we let the river take us, inhaling all of its incredible natural beauty it has to offer. And trust me... there is so much!

The Franklin River has been the centre of Australia wide publicity since the late 1970s and early 80s as the river was scheduled to be dammed. An action that was widely opposed, protested and rallied against. The Franklin River was saved in May 1983 after the High Court decided the dam would not be going ahead. 

From this day onwards it has been and will continue to be a natural treasure of Australia and indeed the World, one that everyone should experience. As we meander along the mighty river we will photograph sites only this river can offer you. Giant ravines, amazing wildlife, untouched rainforests including the Huon Pine tree, brilliant colours of the river and rocks, ever changing geology and flora as we head down the river, and so much more. It really has so much to offer to any photographer wanting to capture unique and untouched beauty.

Capture photographs that so many will never get the privilege to capture themselves.



  • Rock Island Bend (yes that famous Peter Dombrovskis photo!)
  • The Irenabyss
  • The Great Ravine
  • Newlands Cascade
  • The Lower Franklin and the Lost World (Limestone Cave)
  • Huon Pine and other old growth trees
  • Kutikina Cave
  • Upper Gordon River


We will be joining forces with the wonderful guys at Franklin River Rafting who are the leaders in Franklin River Rafting Tours. They will be our guides for this incredible trip, while I guide along the way with all your photography needs.



  • Accommodation - Camping along the river is one of the most special features of this trip. Most nights camping under tarpaulins or if you prefer hiking tents can be provided.
  • Transfers and transport to and from the Franklin River (ex Hobart)
  • Tents, backpacks, sleeping mats, sleeping bags if required.
  • Meals - Franklin River Rafting provide cooking all the way
  • All park passes and associated costs
  • All required rafting equipment and wetsuit, water gear
  • Full Photography Tuition
  • Full comprehensive safety briefing

For more detail on this trip, including food, safety, rafting, etc... as we head down the river please visit https://www.franklinriverrafting.com/your-trip



Tom Putt is one of Australia's leading landscape photographers.

Tom's passion for sharing his knowledge about photography is well known in the industry. Since 2005, he has taught thousands of amateur photographers the art of landscape photography. 

Tom sells his fine art landscape photography through his signature gallery in Mornington, Victoria. 

He has won over 200 International & National Awards for his photography including the 2020 Fine Art Panoramic Photographer of the Year and the 2019 International Aerial & Nature Photographer of the Year.

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