Testimonials from our Landscape Photography Workshops (since 2005)

Here are many TESTIMONIALS from our recent landscape photography workshops...


"We’ve been doing Tom’s workshops for nearly a decade now. Why do we keep coming back? We keep learning, and he keeps making it fun to do so! Our photography skills continue to expand, the list of places we have visited and still want to visit keeps expanding and our list of friends with similar interests also keeps expanding. Tom’s workshops are always value for money, you always have everything organised for you - you just turn up - and you end up in the right place at the right time for the right photo. It’s not didactic (unless you need that - Tom’s educational skills are always adapted to the participants) and the food is always awesome! Unfortunately, you do end up wanting new cameras, lenses, computers.... Life is uncertain unless you have your next Tom Putt Workshop booked in!!" Anders & Nicole, Brisbane


I had previously only done two one-day workshops with Tom and with overseas travel unavailable over the last couple of years I took the opportunity to opt for Tom’s Lake Eyre tour. I’m not a confident landscape photographer and had never done any aerial photography before so I thought “why not now?”

I was not disappointed. Tom’s attention to detail with pre-trip information and a phone call set the tone for the trip. The other three participants were welcoming and good fun. Over our time at William Creek we had a total of nearly 10 hours flying over Lake Eyre/ Painted Hills with constantly changing scenery and lighting. The flights were timed to take advantage of the best time of day for our photography. Tom alternated between the two small planes so the we each had the benefit of his knowledge/instruction. (Is cloning a possibility?)

After about 10 minutes on the first flight I forgot to be nervous and actually enjoyed the small plane-no door arrangement. During the middle of the day we had plenty of time for editing and Tom was on hand with suggestions and Lightroom help. William Creek personnel... from pilots, waiters, cooks etc. were all helpful and good fun. If you haven’t seen this part of Australia or wish to re-visit (it’s so changeable) I can thoroughly recommend you go with Tom." Jenny, Geelong

"Lake Baikal is a once-in-a-lifetime place, where every single day I pinched myself that I was standing on water in such a remote and spectacular place. It's larger than life and the memories are etched in my mind forever. And a little tip...try the home fat at breakfast, you won't regret it! 😉" David

"Lake Baikal was an out of this world experience. Totally spectacular. Hearing the ice crack, seeing the cracks of ice go down so deep into the lake. It was just so strange and scary to be driving on a frozen lake . But then we went to the frozen BIG lake where the waves were frozen. Totally unreal." Lucille

"I had a sensational time & understand why you love Lake Eyre. I can't wait to use my new skills in Lightroom. Thank you so much for helping me with my photography & I really appreciate your wisdom & patience plus your sense of humour?! Warm regards" Janene, Sydney

"Thank you Tom for a wonderful day. The early rise was worth it. Not so much for the shots but that the knowledge you shared with us. It was a 10 hour day and I learnt so much. Worth every cent. I especially liked finishing with a work shop on Lightroom. Even though I use it a lot there was still heaps to learn. Oh by the way the food was great too. Just fruit for me tonight. I think you should call the workshop 'More than Landscape Photography'.” Yvonne, Albury

"I have such an amazing set of images from our William Creek event.  Fantastic!  I greatly appreciated your guidance and the wonderful opportunities you crafted for us. Thank you so much – and I hope to catch up with you again." Louise, Sydney

"Hi Tom, had a fantastic time on your Lake Eyre workshop, even better than last year if that’s at all possible! You put on the perfect weather and knew exactly where to go to get the best shots. Thank you 🙏 and I will happily tell everyone I know how great you and the workshops are." Judi, Melbourne.

"Seriously what an incredible couple of weeks you have had. Multiple participants over 10-11 days, over 22 hours of flying, probably too many steak and chip meals, constant organisation and logistic handling, coaching and teaching others to get the best out of their airtime and an experience you had with people you can call your friends! So very proud of you babe, I’m sure you are feeling happy, exhausted, dizzy, proud and elated all at the same time." Mary, Melbourne

"We are all truly blessed to have you firstly, ask us to join you on these workshops and secondly, to have you guide & mentor us to get the most out of each and every daily experience from taking the shots to post production.......thank you Tom for being you; don't ever change!!!" Kyrenia, Melbourne

"All I can say is that it was the best scenery, the best company and by far the best organised. Thank you Tom for your hard work in putting together such a fantastic workshop. You are by far the very, very best!" Judi, Melbourne.

"After following Tom on social media for a few years I finally jumped onboard with one of his trips - so glad I did! I had heaps of fun, learnt a thing or two and continued to feed my addiction of aerial photography! I may have enough images to keep me going for quite a while too..." Natalya, Melbourne

"Tom, you truely are A grade quality as a photographer, teacher and person. I had an amazing workshop and lots of fun. 👍📷🍾" Bernard, Melbourne

"And thank you again TP. It was a cracker of a workshop, so good I wish I did it 3 times with you." Nicole, Brisbane

"Being the "newbie" on our trip, I now feel like part of the family 💞 Thank you again, I am waiting for the next aerial trip to do it all over again!" Rhonda, Melbourne

"Thank you for all your help and support on this  fabulous Lake Eyre trip. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed myself. Also congratulations on picking such agreeable workshop mates - Steve and Nat were the perfect travel companions." Ken, Melbourne 

"Fantastic, great not just for landscapes but for Out of the box photos and great people you meet on the workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed." Lucille, Tasmania.

"A truly amazing workshop and an unbelievably awesome experience. Not to be missed under any circumstances." Kyrenia, Victoria.

"Loved the group size and the intimacy of the workshop. Would definitely travel with Tom Putt again in the future, as he know where to put us, to take the best images... Thank you! Cheers." Rhonda, VIC

"Attended Tom’s 3 hour Lightroom workshop last night. As a beginner to photography and having a fear of technology, I found this course perfect. Tom aimed the course at our level and made us feel comfortable in asking any and all questions. Most courses of this duration, you come away feeling brain dead, but Tom has the ability to make the course informative and at the same time light hearted, which broke up the intensity of learning. I am now excited and confident about working the basics of Lightroom and look forward to taking my photography to the next level, with Tom’s help of course 😀This was my 2nd course with Tom and certainly won’t be my last. Keep them coming Tom." Sandra, Mornington.

"Namibia Workshop 2019 – I am still reflecting on what an amazing experience I had on this workshop.  Stunning landscapes, wildlife encounters, the best available accommodation, great food and wine, cultural and historic experiences and good company. Three aerial photography shoots over amazing landscapes were highlights. The partnership with Ultimate Safaris was excellent.  Their guide Usko is a very caring gentleman with a vast knowledge of his country and its flora, fauna and geography.  It was life enriching to meet and spend time with him. Tom, you were always ready to assist participants with plenty of one on one time for composition improvements and camera settings. Your workshops are always “all inclusive” in cost and this is rare in the market.  You were very generous in providing all drinks and snacks in addition to meals and no one found it necessary to put their hand in their pocket from the time of their arrival to the end of the workshop. I can’t wait to attend another of your workshops down the track." Cliff, NSW

"Thanks for letting me be part of your 2019 Namibia Photography Workshop. It was nothing short of amazing. In selecting your trip I chose from numerous workshop tours on offer. I carefully looked at the itineraries of each and decided that yours best suited my goals. I was not disappointed with the choice! I particularly wanted to explore the photographic opportunities at Kolmanskop, Deadvlei, the Quiver Tree Forrest, and the aerials over Walvis Bay. I got some stunning shots at all these and more. For landscape photographers your tour really hits the mark. It also offers some great opportunities for aerial photography of some awesome locations. Plus there were so many other places visited, wildlife spotted/photographed and indigenous people engaged. Your skills and readiness to assist the participants was another outstanding quality of the trip. Being out there with you clearly showed why you are a World Famous Landscape Photographer. The other aspects which go to making a great trip were also well chosen. Our local guide, Usko, was so knowledgeable and did not stop going out of his way to help throughout the entire trip. Partnering with Ultimate Safari's is a fabulous choice. The accommodation was always the best available - right through to the luxury of a couple of nights at Wolvedan's Dunes Camp in the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Dining was also superb with never ending new fine dining experiences. The all inclusive cost was just that and there were no hidden extra's. In fact, I felt your approach to be quite generous. In summary, a lifetime milestone journey which was second to none. The only problem's I have now are to edit and present so many excellent photographs and decide which is the next Tom Putt adventure to book into." Alan, Victoria

"Namibia workshop 2019 - wow what an experience.  Outstanding tuition as always with Tom including aerial and night photography, sunrise and sunsets, plenty of Namibian animals and fascinating cultural and historic experiences in the most amazing locations the country offers.  Unbeatable accommodation and gastronomic delights included round this trip up to be the best I have experienced so far.  Jump on board 2020, you won't be disappointed." Jackie, Victoria

"Completed day course with Tom today. As a nervous beginner the course info was delivered in an easy to understand format, sharing just enough information to leave you feeling confident. Locations breathtaking. Lightroom session again was delivered well not overloading the information. Big thank you to Mary for the hospitality and fantastic lunch oh and Tom your jokes need some work 🤣Highly recommend this course." Sandra, One Day Workshop, VIC

"Thank you for a great day yesterday. Perfect weather, great group and a well balanced program." Peter, One Day Workshop, VIC.

"I'm re-introducing myself to photography and after listening to Tom's presentations at the Bright Photography Festival decided to attend a one day workshop with him. Despite the temperamental weather, its was a really great day. Tom took the time to work with us each individually generously answering all our questions and giving great guidance. Oh and the food, laughter and camaraderie made it all the more enjoyable." Christine, VIC

"As a birthday present from my husband and kids I was given this opportunity to attend the one day workshop on the Mornington Peninsular. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive as I had only recently started my photography journey and wondered if it was all going to be out of my depth. I needn't have worried. This is a very hands on workshop with a lot of instruction on composition and light as well as the mechanics of exposure, histogram, ISO etc. The day finishes with a couple of hours learning some of the basics of Lightroom to get you started. Tom is a fantastic teacher and spends heaps of one on one time to explain concepts. The day is very relaxed and also loved the great little cafe's we went to for breakfast and lunch. Thanks Tom.... absolutely brilliant!" Lorelei, VIC

"I recently attended a one day workshop on the Mornington Peninsula with Tom and loved it! This was a perfect introduction to photography - a practical hands-on learning experience in some beautiful locations. Highly recommend!" Jasmin, VIC

"Loved the group size and the intimacy of the workshop. Would definitely travel with Tom Putt again in the future, as he know where to put us, to take the best images... Thank you! Cheers." Rhonda, VIC

"A truly amazing workshop and an unbelievably awesome experience. Not to be missed under any circumstances." Kyrenia, Victoria.

"Fantastic, great not just for landscapes but for Out of the box photos and great people you meet on the workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed." Lucille, Tasmania.

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day.  I had the most amazing time.  I went home feeling so excited, my head full of new knowledge. You are very generous with your time, knowledge and also supplying a delicious breakfast and lunch.  I felt very spoilt & blessed. Of course I will write a review, my experience couldn't have been better." Robyn, VIC

"These workshops are amazing. You learn how to take amazing photos (better than you could have ever imagined), in amazing locations, with like minded people and guided by the brilliant Tom Putt. An experience that puts a smile on your face and pure enjoyment into your photography." Bernard, Victoria.

"Absolutely awesome experience. Couldn’t fault the workshop in any way. Tom was very obliging and made sure everything from various locations for photography to all our meals and accommodation was of an excellent standard. Thanks Tom for a memorable fantastic experience." Belinda, Victoria.

"Thank you Tom for an informative and relaxing workshop on the Peninsula. With your expert and friendly tuition I gained the ability to get more out of my camera and I was truly delighted with the photos I captured! I look forward to more workshops in the future." Kerrie Anderson, One Day Workshop, 2018

"Having the full 6 days with Tom and other like minded people was amazing as it was a continuous period of time constantly learning and picking up even small pieces of information about photography. Everyone has something to contribute and eager to listen and learn. Plus being taken to amazing photo shoots to be there at the right time of the day. A total photography experience." Kimberley Photo Workshop 2017

"An opportunity to improve your photographic and post processing skills in some of the most spectacular landscape photography spots in Australia. You will share the experience with a small group of like-minded people and learn from one of the best landscape photographers in Australia. The quality of the accommodation, food and the little extras provided on the workshop were beyond my expectation." Karijini Photo Workshop 2017

"Fun, informative, relaxing, interesting, entertaining Will definitely be looking to go on future workshops with the amazingly handsome Tom." Bright Workshop 2017

"A photographic, gastronomic and cultural delight experiencing the very best of Namibia." Namibia Workshop 2017

"Fantastic experience, fantastic company, fantastic accomodation, fantastic tour leaders , fantastic photography, fantastic photographer extraordinare Tom Putt leader and partner in crime Mary and most of all fantastic experience." Namibia Workshop 2017

"A wonderful experience that is unforgettable." Namibia Workshop 2017

"Amazing, and that was just Tom and Mary! Namibia is a must for anyone interested in Desert landscape photography." Namibia Workshop 2017

"It is hard to put into words just how much I got out of my five day Kakadu adventure...Thanks Tom for providing the expert knowledge (i.e. NUMBERS!) and scenic adventures. I found myself able to photograph both the expected and the unexpected - bushfires, night photography and aerial shots! Five unforgettable days, but you have provided the inspiration to keep on exploring this craft. Thanks Tom and Mary!" Coby (WA), Kakadu Workshop 2016.

"Tom's willingness to share his knowledge of photography with others is second to none, the Photo Workshops he conducts are so well organised. Excellent." Jennifer (NSW), Kakadu Workshop 2016.

"I'm very lucky to have been part of the 2016 Snow workshop. The team are leaders in their field of workshops and this one was no exception. Tom has intimate knowledge of great locations and encouraged everyone to learn new skills through the challenges of the weather. I'm very happy to recommend any workshop put on by Tom and Mary and from my experience, you will not be disappointed. I've booked ahead for further workshops!" David (ACT), Snow Photography Workshop 2016.

"This was a great way to see the Kimberley. Our very basic photography skills were enhanced in a very friendly and relaxed way. We would highly recommend this tour." Lindsay and Carolyn (VIC), Gibb River Road Tour 2016.

"This is a fantastic way to see some of Australia's most stunning locations with a group of like minded individuals all intent on improving their photography. Tom, along with Nigel and Sheldon run a great tour and their knowledge gets you to all the right locations at the right time of day to give you the best possibility of taking some stunning photo's. Food is amazing and the bus and tents very comfortable. Overall if you love photography and have not seen this part of the country then this tour is great way to experience it." Anon., Gibb River Road Tour, 2016.

"This workshop met all my expectations. Well selected locations for both photography and camping. Great help from 3 photographic experts and support people to ensure that the trip went smoothly. Learnt lots about photography, camera and post production etc. I thoroughly recommend this trip and the team behind it." Alan P, Gibb River Road Tour 2016.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my tour with you and all the brilliant locations we visited! It was also lovely to meet so many other talented and inspiring photographers on the workshop. It was very generous of you to share your photos with us plus all the other information on the USB stick." Ruth, Red Centre Workshop, Sydney.

"Tom Putt ran an amazing tour to central Australia. What sets Tom apart from other operators is the amount of time that he is willing to spend with each participant teaching them how to improve. The tour took me to great locations and his teaching has helped me to improve my photography skills. Thanks!" Jack, Sydney.

"Many thanks for the wonderful workshop at Cradle Mountain this week. I enjoyed every minute of it. I learnt so much from you and as you said you like to keep your teaching simple which of course I needed. Finally, please pass on my grateful thanks to the lovely Mary without whom the course would never have run so smoothly." Ken, Sydney

"My Wife, a zealous internet researcher, carefully chose Tom Putt's 2015 Great Ocean Road Workshop as my surprise Birthday Present. This turned into my "lifetime best present", as Tom Masterfully and selflessly shared all his expertise and lifetime of accrued skills amongst us as a small group, carefully tuned to where each photographer was at, and meeting all of our individual needs. Tom carefully chose our sites conditional to the time and weather parameters, to put us in the best places at the best times, and followed each shoot with care and training in the editing process. The accommodation and food was awesome with Tom's concern that everyone was catered to with any dietary needs. Tom instantly became like a brother to us all, and with a great personality, carefully maintained a balance that everyone got the best they could out of this Workshop. The follow up service has been beyond imagination, as Tom continues to be a "Big Brother" to us in the world of Photography, sharing links and updates on a daily basis. Tom has opened up a new world in photography for me from this workshop, taking his own pictures alongside his students, to show us how to turn the ordinary into exceptional. I couldn't recommend him more!" Tony, TAS

"Hi Tom I just wanted to thank you for injecting your knowledge, passion and love for photography into my husband. He's come home (from the workshop) very tired but full of new enthusiasm. It was a gift that he will be unpacking for a long time to come. Thank you!" Mary, TAS

Tom, thank you for the awesome experience we had on the Great Ocean Road workshop. Nicole and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in style visiting some stunning locations. Your knowledge of the area couple with your great understanding of light meant we were always in the best locations at the best time making our photography easy. Your care and understanding for everyone in the group was appreciated by all adding to the enjoyment. Although fairly experienced photographers coming into the workshop, your deep understanding was able to take us to the next level and that will give us much pleasure well beyond the five days spent with you. So again thank you." Rick C, Vic.

"The Great Ocean Road tour was my second tour with Tom Putt. After coming back from my first tour (South Island of NZ),  I immediately signed up for a second one, because I had enjoyed it and had learnt so much - and wanted to learn more. The group was small (6) which enabled each of us to have individual attention from Tom, tailored to our individual needs and skills. No matter what level we were, Tom was able to provide information, advice to improve our photography skills and images. I was able to approach Tom with any questions I had. He took us to the best locations, and in particular avoided crowded tourist spots. His unique perspective on travel, landscape, macro etc photography changed the way I approach my shots resulting in my coming home with images that I am thrilled with. He gave regular sessions for critiquing our work, photo editing advice and tuition. We received feedback on our photography, and how we could improve – with camera settings, composition etc. The accommodation and food was excellent. His attention to detail from the first inquiry whether it is by phone or email was very clear, concise and thorough, to ensure one was fully prepared for the tour. Tom is a ONE OF A KIND photographer, and has an amazing ability to combine a  group of people who have not known each other, to blend in and become friends long after the trip ended. I would highly recommend Tom’s trips to anyone who is looking for a travel adventure with the opportunity to see the world, refine ones photography skills, meet interesting people and laugh your way through the day and night. 10/10. " Margaret, Sydney.

"It was easy to take to Tom at the very first meeting of the Kimberley tour. His enthusiasm of photography was infectious and, in my case, led to a steep learning curve. I valued Tom’s encouragement to employ all the controls available on my DSLR – some of which I had originally considered superfluous when I first opened the camera’s manual. Equally valued was his subsequent encouragement to locate these functions in the dark without a flashlight. Additionally, I did appreciate his generosity with time and explanations, not only of how shots could best be captured, but the role of post- production techniques in their improvement. During the days I spent with Tom it was obvious that much forethought had been devoted to the tour, the sites and the timing in order to obtain those shots. He was also extremely obliging for, in addition to his own equipment, I recall him carrying that of those on the workshop who had encountered difficulty with water crossings or rough terrain. He was an excellent host, ensuring comfortable and clean accommodation and supplying quality catering in remote locations. I look forward to my next trip with Tom and my best wishes go with him in the development of his various workshops." Keith, Sydney

"Thank you for an amazing experience in the Kimberley Photo Workshop I had been really looking forward to it and it lived up to all my expectations and MUCH more." Jill, Victoria

"This was my 4th photographic trip withT om and each time the experience, location and photography opportunities never disappoints. Tom’s ability to share his photographic knowledge and provide awesome locations and workshops is inspiring." Ann, Port Lincoln

"Tom's knowledge not only on photography but the places we photographed on the Kimberley Photo Workshop was second to none. This being my first workshop with Tom certainly won't be my last, everything was exceptional, his tutoring & knowledge & ability to relay it to every level of experience was excellent.  Our accommodation & meals were amazing. I will not only take a lot of photography experience away with me but many friendships & happy memories." Janine, Port Lincoln.

"I've just returned from the Kimberley Photo Workshop. What an absolutely awesome experience in an amazing landscape. Tom’s organizational skills are exceptional, we consistently got to the best photographic locations at the right time of the day, even if it meant very early rises. His enthusiasm is inspirational, and his knowledge and tuition certainly made me view my own photography in a different light." Karine, Tasmania

"Tom took good care of us individually and as a group making sure we all got safely from one place to another. Fantastic photo opportunities in beautiful places. Accommodation really good  and great places to eat after long days out in the dust and heat. Thanks for the parcel you sent today and the goodies inside.  You certainly are very generous with your help and information." Mary, Tasmania.

"As a first timer the experience of having completed the 2015 Kimberley Photo Workshop will live forever in my memories and photo’s. Tom’s generosity in sharing his wealth of knowledge of photography and local photographic locations is second to none. I am truly “ Inspired” by the photos I now have in my collection. Many Thanks Tom." Jennifer, NSW

"Hi Tom, Just a short note to thank you so much for all the extra work you have put in with not only looking after us all so well on the Kimberley Photo Workshop but the great little extra surprise of the flash drive on our return home. You have ensured that we all have wonderful memories of our time at Kununurra, El Questro, Wyndham and the Bungle Bungles with you and that you have encouraged us to greater things with our photography. Many Thanks once again." Jennifer, NSW

"Thank you so much for another amazing New Zealand Photo Workshop. New Zealand is a photographer's dream location and you really made the journey worthwhile. Despite some bad (foul) weather, I think it added to the atmosphere of the images and certainly tested my skills as a photographer. Thank you too for all the post workshop notes, links, downloads, vouchers, etc.  As usual, you have gone above and beyond what was expected." Yvonne, Sydney.

“I have just finished the 2014 New Zealand Photo Workshop, this being my second trip with you. Again you have surpassed my expectations, the accommodation was first class, the food was exceptional, the companionship was great. That is all before I talk about the photography. I am amazed at the effort you put into your workshops, you are always there to help, coach and inspire your fellow photographers. I have learn so much from you not just from the shoots that we do, but from the critique sessions you run during the tour. I have also learnt so much about Lightroom flows and post production that my photos have gone to another level just from your teachings.” Paul, Sydney.

"A relaxed atmosphere, very informative (I learnt lots and left feeling very inspired), great choice of locations." 

"Never a dull moment, great locations, excellent host."

"Well i'm just back from the 2nd Graduate workshop at the Margaret River, what a great event. Aerial photography, great home cooked food from Mary (restaurant quality) great wine and cider, Busselton Jetty and of course Tom's famous bad jokes. Meeting friends from past workshops as a bonus. Rating out of 10 well its a 10+"

"I just wanted to say thanks to both of you for a great long weekend! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed the scenery, the photo opportunities, the food, the coke zero and the company!"  Fiona, Carnegie.

"Having been on numerous photographic workshops, our recent trip to New Zealand is without doubt the very best. Of course the scenery is brilliant, changing each time we went around a corner. What really made it work though is your warm spirited, generous approach to the participants, combined with your skills as a teacher. I came home with some cracking images, and with greatly increased knowledge about how to capture more in the future. Thanks Tom."  Ken, Melbourne

“Thank you for your endless energy and generosity on the New Zealand Photo Workshop. I never really appreciated how much more there was to photography before coming on your workshops!” Natasha, Brisbane.

“What a great learning experience! I’ve find a lot more in the shots I’ve taken having been on your New Zealand Photo Workshop – thank you!” John, Brisbane

"You made the Victorian High Country Photo Workshop very special for me. Not only did  I learn heaps about photography and Lightroom it gave me the opportunity to feel “normal” again. It is these types of experiences that makes me, appreciate how lucky I am. The complete package was awesome. Yummy food, good fun with top people and a chance to be inspired and learn. Thank you for being so giving of your knowledge and sharing the things that make you such a successful photographer." Gary, Victoria

"It had been around five years since I’ve been on a Victorian High Country Photo Workshop with Tom due to being busy with work.  But the moment I saw him again and the fun, photography, good food and good company started, I wished I could go back in time and do more workshops!  Tom looks after everything so you don't have to worry.  All the accommodation and food was great; he’s a generous host.  More importantly, he’s an exceptionally generous photography teacher!  He shares all he knows and then some!  I had a fabulous time and have booked to go on another Workshop soon.  No more five year hiatus for me!  Thanks Tom!!"  Fiona from Carnegie

"As an absolute beginner, I was a little worried about going on a workshop with a bunch of people that had been doing it for years.  I thought I would be so far behind I wouldn't learn, or I would get in the way of the others' development.  I'm pleased to say that I was wrong on both accounts.  I don't know how he did it, but Tom managed to teach a complete gumby (me) how to take a half decent picture at the same time as providing advanced and detailed guidance to the experienced photographers.  Tom ensures the workshop is a holiday where all participants have a great time and develop skills at the same time. I will definitely be back for more." Carla, QLD

"I was previously a person who took a happy-snapper on a trip to Antarctica.  Tagging along to a Victorian High Country Photo Workshop 'just because my husband was going' has ended up costing me a whole lot of money!  And it is all Tom's fault.  His expert tuition for all levels, a willingness to share his knowledge, gear, skills and favourite shooting locations makes for a great recipe to create an addiction in anyone.  I have in turn introduced my friends and family to his workshops, and forced them into buying wonderful new (or borrowed) camera gear - and producing photos that we can all look at and wonder at how we managed to produce something so pretty!" Nicole, QLD

"I've been to a number of workshops and this is the best one that I've attended (Victorian High Country Photo Workshop)." Toby, WA

"Having just returned from Tom's Karijini Photo Workshop, I would thoroughly recommend the great experience he provides.  It is well organised, gets you to all the major highlights and allows flexibility to pursue those enticing opportunities that may present themselves on the journey.  Not only does Tom safely get you to the right places at the best times but he also offers expert advice on compositions, camera settings and when the light is best so your images will impress family and friends.  He will also get you organised for the activities and provide whatever help and assistance needed to make sure you can participate safely.  The remote location and basic facilities add to the sense of adventure and the stories you can tell will keep family and friends entertained for months.  The transport provided by Tom was excellent and the Eco Retreat accommodation and services are great. Not only will you get many great images but have an enjoyable and satisfying remote adventure."  Neil Mounsher, Melbourne.

"My husband and I had an amazing, unique time during the Karijini Photo Workshop which was way beyond our expectations. My husband went along as a non-participating member. He was able to follow along with the rest of us and enjoy all of this experience. Tom made sure we got the most out of our time visiting the gorges and capturing these stunning locations at the best times of the day, even when it meant very early mornings shoots. This paid off with some beautiful pictures taken by all. Tom encouraged us all to stop, look and take in the beauty that was around us. The group size was perfect for one on one help when needed. Tom’s fantastic ability to pass on his knowledge, experience and passion was second to none. I certainly have come away from this workshop with a lot more ideas and ways of approaching the subjects that I am going to photograph. His easy to understand explanations of work flow in Lightroom was a great help. Thanks Tom for a wonderful experience." Leanne and Chris NSW. 

"Tom's Karijini Photo Workshop for 2014 was simply amazing. Both Tom and Paul took all the time each participant needed to hone existing skills as well as new ones. They encouraged us to slow down, explore the locations, evaluate the light from an artistic as well as technical perspective, which helped us all gather some of the best images we'd captured to date. Karijini National Park is a jaw-dropping location to start with, but Tom and Paul made sure we were able to access these remote locations at the right time of day so the light was just right. On top of the emphasis on stunning photography, Tom and Paul proved full of knowledge of the location and the best ways to capture the stunning light around us, they were fun and made sure everyone had a great time for the duration of the workshop."  Sean, NSW.


"A great workshop in an amazing location. Tom and Paul took us to some stunning locations and provided excellent guidance. A lot of fun with a great group of photographers. My highlight was visiting Hancock Gorge and swimming through pools with my camera gear - crazy!" Sean, NSW. 

"The Karijini Photo Workshop was simply amazing on so many levels. Tom and Paul were great teachers and tour leaders. The terrain was breath taking and challenging physically but I felt safe at all times which gave me the confidence to go to places I would not have gone to without the expert guidance.  Over the period of the workshop my photographic knowledge and skill improved noticeably. I will definitely be doing another Tom Putt Workshop. Thanks a million! My highlight was swimming through gorges to get "the shot". Fran, SA

"A fantastic few days of adventure and new things and awesome photographic opportunities. Tom and Paul looked after us a treat having sought out all the best spots and best times of day and made sure we were safe and tearing and most of all enjoying! Accommodation was perfect for the occasion although we only get back to our room/tents for a few hours sleep before the next sunrise! I learned lots and have some great pics and memories. A big thanks to Tom, great experience and would highly recommended!" Libby, VIC

"Awesome, adventurous time on Tom's Karijini Photo Workshop. Breath taking gorges a landscapes were complimented with Tom's attention to details - unsurpassed! Tom not only improved our photography we where challenged to negotiate the stunning gorges... and achieve.... highly recommend this experience!" Ann, SA.

"An intense 4 day with dawn and dusk shoots at great sites. Well structured swimming of camera gear into otherwise inaccessible sites. Very flexible and responsive to individual requests for guidance and help. Great fun!" Jim, VIC

"Just a note to thank you for a great workshop. The photographic opportunities were breath taking, I am very excited by some of my shots and plan to make my own Blurb book to keep the memories. As usual the people were great and it was a fun experience to be remembered. Thank you for making it all possible." Jill, Victoria

"I always look forward to your workshops Tom, as they are unique in so many ways.  Perfect locations, distinctive personalities, and quirky celebrations.  The Cradle Mountain workshop provided the motivation to explore and photographically capture extraordinary surroundings.  I come away with another set of amazing images/memories.  Thank you once again for making it happen." Diane, NSW

"The opportunity to learn and have fun in a stunning environment was a perfect balance". Gordon, Singapore.

"Very valuable and helpful instruction in a fun, friendly environment. Amazing opportunities to visit incredible locations at their best moments!" Jill, Kew.

"Thank you so much for your selfless tuition, sharing skills and knowledge that have taken you a lifetime to accrue." Tony, TAS

"Tom's passion and experience in photography are infectious; their ability to teach both complete amateurs and more experienced students was fantastic!" Ben, Peterham, NSW

"Fantastic! Awesome! and spectacular photography workshop! A lot of practice and I couldn't believe I took these fantastic pictures!" Beda, Tannum Sands, QLD

"A fantastic learning and fun weekend in an idealic setting. Looking at photos from the start to the end showed how much I learnt. I cannot wait to sign up for the next photography workshop." Craig, Sanctuary Lakes, VIC

"Finally I get to know my way around my fancy camera. Great experience to take the time to get those 'shots'". Tim, Berwick, VIC

"Great excuse to travel, learn or more your skills, and take away some fantastic photographs." John, Greenslopes, QLD

"A truly professional team delivering a truly professional photography workshop, catering for each individuals abilities. Your skills, enthusiasm and passion for photography are contagious. If this photography workshop didn't inspire you to get out and take more photos, then nothing will! A great balance of practical, theory, great food and wine most of all, fanstatic comany, all in a supurb location. Thank you!" Lyn, Twin Waters, QLD

"Learning photography at photography workshop is such fun you don't notice how much you've learned until you see your final pictures and realise how much you've improved!" Lorellie, Brighton, VIC

"Great people, great ideas, inspirational!" Julie, Mt Martha, VIC

"Fantastic - great tuition, great company, great practice & feedback!" John, Doncaster, VIC

"Thank you so much for your time and patience with a beginner. Now I have a much better understanding of the camera and a confidence to 'have a go'. Particular thanks for all the behind the scenes work in preparing and during the photography workshop." Bronwyn, Ballarat VIC

"This photography workshop was fantastic, a great balance of good company, accommodation, photographic location, technical info, critiques, etc - ABSOLUTELY enjoyed every minute!" Cath, Hobart, TAS

"These photography workshops are a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills in a relaxed and fun environment." Meehan, Albert Park, VIC

"These photography workshops are just the best way to improve both practical and theoretical knowledge about photography. Tom and Glen are so generous with their time and knowledge - nothing is too much trouble! They are very focussed on the participants and what they need- and loads of fun too! A great time had by all!" Fiona, Carnegie, VIC 

"The Great Ocean Road Photography Workshop offered more than an opportunity to improve our technical knowledge and creativity. We spent four fun days in great company, enjoying delicious food and friendship. Tom and Glen generously shared their expertise and personal experienc with all participants, accepting everyone wanted different things from the course. Looking forward to our next photography workshop." Denise and Amanda, Sydney, NSW