Hi Guys

We're looking for a highly enthusiastic and driven person to join our team to help sell artwork to the business community. 

In this role you'll be calling interior designers, architects, developers, etc and pitching Tom Putt Artwork.

You'll be required to quickly understand their problems and see if we can solve them.

YOUR GOAL is for OUR ARTWORK to be the perfect fit for their next project.

You will be required to know my extensive collection of photographs intimately so you can provide solutions to these companies.

Whilst you'll be provided with some leads, you'll be expected to source your own leads through your own exciting research in this space.

Yes, we're looking for someone who doesn't get stoped with "NO!"

In fact, when they heard that word, they know they're one step closer to that magical "YES!"

You'll have:

  • Excellent Customer Service Skills - follow people up when you said you would.
  • Highly Organised to track and follow up leads - you know where each potential customer is at with their decision
  • Great Communicator - both with the customer and with me - you report back each time to give updates on everything!

Whilst we don't want pushy sales people, we want someone who produces results.

You need to have a proven track record in sales and passionate about interior design.

Your roll is home-based and is commission only

The work that you put into this role will potentially lead to great benefits in the long term. This is an ongoing role beyond the Corona Virus.

If this sounds like you, shoot me an email at with the reasons why you'd be perfect for this role and your experience in selling.

DEADLINE - Friday 1st May

Cheers Tom Putt


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