What’s included in the workshop price?


Well almost! Just get yourself to the nearest airport and we'll take care of the rest.

Our workshops are all-inclusive. I'll be there to greet you at the airport and handle all your luxury transfers, accommodation, gourmet meals, drinks, and expert tuition. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your photographic adventure!

That's what our participants like most about our workshops. They pay the workshop tuition and we handle the rest.

What’s not included?

Not much! We joke that you could literally loose your passport at the airport and it wouldn't matter! Expenses outside the workshop fee is generally your personal purchases like souvenirs and expensive gifts for your wonderful guide!

How many people come?

Our workshops are limited to just 4 participants only. We like the personal nature of our workshops - being able to form great connections with our participants and give them the expert tuition they come for.

What can I expect to learn?

I love landscape photography, so you'll learn more about capturing the best light, composing landscape images, and processing them to look the very best using Lightroom.

I have a broad interest in photography - I was a professional sports photographer for three years, a portrait photographer running my own studio for 11 years, and I've conducted these workshops for 17 years. Along with the business of photography, I feel I have a lot to share.

What time do we get up each day?

Generally we're up for sunrise to capture the best light, followed by a hearty breakfast and endless cups of coffee.

Is it physically challenging?

A good level of fitness is always best to ensure you can participate fully in the workshop and have a fantastic time. If you're unsure, just give us a call and we can discuss it. 

We cater for the majority of people who don't want to walk too far or do anything too stressful!

How experienced do I need to be?

None at all, to be honest. The reason you come on a workshop like this is to learn and grow as a photographer, so we'd expect you not to know everything! However, some knowledge of photography is a bonus.

Will you show me how to use my new camera?

Of course! We've had many people come along with a new camera, straight out of the box. We'll show you how to set it up right, what settings to shoot on, and before you know it, you'll be shooting like a pro!

How much time do we spend photographing?

As much as possible, however we do realise that these workshops are holidays for many. This is an opportunity to turn off your phone, forget about the kids and RELAX!

You've earned it!

So we are not GO GO GO all day. We always get up early for the best light and maximise the best photo opportunities. However, we enjoy good food, good wine and you should expect to have some down time each day to catch up with yourself.

What if the weather is bad?

We never get bad weather on our workshops! HA! 

We always have plans in place should the weather not behave. But thankfully, I have a direct line to the person upstairs, so often we get what we ask for!

What if I can’t make it?

Things crop up at time-to-time, we understand that. We encourage you to have travel and medical insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances. Any monies paid to us are never lost - we just transfer them to another workshop for you.  

Can I bring my partner?

Yes of course. They are more than welcome. However, because they are taking the place of a participant, they pay the same workshop fee.




What camera do I need?

A digital SLR is ideal. An iPhone, whilst it takes great photos, won't give you flexibility to capture the photos you see here on this website. I have a simple Nikon Z7 with two lenses - 14 to 30mm and 24-120mm. That's it! 

You don't need to spend thousands on expensive gear. I'd prefer you spend that on future workshops with me!! 

What other equipment should I bring?

Tripod, laptop, clothes and toiletries. You don't need much. A full gear list will be sent prior to the workshop commencing.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

I would encourage you to do so. Our workshops always include some time to sit and download your photographs so you can see what you've captured. We also run Lightroom tutorials to help improve your skills and have you get the very best from your images.



When should I book my flights?

After you book the workshop, I'll let you know the best flight times to book so we all meet together at the nearest airport.

What type of accommodation do we stay in?

We always look for clean, comfortable accommodation. Sometimes there's not many choices however, in general, we aim for 4 star accommodation with great food (and an extensive wine list! Joking!!). 

Do I share a room or have a room to myself?

All our prices include a room to yourself to relax in private. You can share with a friend or family member if you wish. Just let us know.

What happens when I arrive?

I'll be there to greet you at the airport. You don't have to stress!

Can I arrive a day or two before the workshop starts?

Yes of course! Let us know your plans and we'll book accommodation at the same hotel for you.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. Insurance is always recommended.




How long have you been in business for?

We were one of the first to offer landscape photography workshops in Australia back in 2005. Since then, we've conducted over 100 workshops here and abroad. Funny thing is, we still run them the same today as we did back then. Outstanding locations, plenty of one-on-one tuition, good food, good wine and great company. 

What is the difference between a photography workshop and a tour?

When booking a workshop, always make sure you understand what the course is about.

What is it that is taught? Is it basic camera techniques, post-processing techniques like Lightroom or Photoshop?  Is it a workshop or a tour?  

Most of our courses are photography workshops - we find that most participants want to photograph, particularly at locations that are hard to get to. We maximise your time by photographing as much as possible at the BEST locations at the BEST times of day.

This is where I will spend plenty of one-on-one time with you to teach you more about your camera to get the best results possible, as well as critiquing your images ON THE SPOT to give you immediate feedback on how to improve your photography.

You'll have the opportunity to download your images and have valuable time with me to critique your images in a group session, whereby you'll learn from myself and others in the course. I have extensive experience in post-production workflows and techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Is it worth it?


Look, of course I'm biased. But if you want to take THE BEST photos, at THE BEST times, under THE BEST tuition available, I believe this workshop is for you.

I've had 17 years experience refining my teaching to ensure the participants get INCREDIBLE value from their time away. 

It is incredibly important to me that you go home raving about this workshop. I want you to get home, rest your feet, pour over your images, reflect on your experience, then book another workshop with me because you can't wait to have that happen all over again!

And our repeat clientele rate tells you this is generally what happens. 93% of our participants have been on a workshop with me before.

I think that says something...

Why choose us?

WOW! Big question! 

Here's a little summary of what I wrote down a few years back when evaluating myself amongst the others out there...

The Tom Putt Landscape Photography Workshops are different to the others out there. Here’s why:


Just book your flight to the nearest major airport and we take care of the rest. We greet you at the airport, put your luggage in our private vehicle, and drive you to your hotel. From there ALL your luxury accommodation, gourmet meals, and transportation costs are taken care of. Other workshops offer a cheaper price perhaps. But when you read the inclusions, you’ll find that the fee only includes tuition. On top of that you need to pay for your vehicle hire, drive yourself to the workshop, pay for your own accommodation, your food, your drinks, etc. We don’t believe in misleading you - just offering you the best experience at the best price.


You'll get to all the right places at the right time with ample time to photograph each location. Often, I’ve spent many days shooting at each location and learnt many lessons along the way on where the best places are to shoot at the best times. Our itinerary is very carefully planned to have you get the very best photographs from your landscape photography workshop. We will maximise your time so that you see the best that the region has to offer in the precious time you’ve taken to join us. If you were to do this on your own, it would take several weeks to find the best locations at the best times of day.


You're not one of 20 people lost in the crowd and not having your questions answered. Unfortunately I’ve seen and heard this far too often. You don’t want to be waiting for hours in line to get your shot and potentially miss it altogether. The light can change very quickly - timing is everything. Our small group of just 4 participants means that you won’t be waiting hours. Because I'm here to guide you - and NOT take photographs for myself - you’ll receive plenty one-on-one tuition whenever you need it. I will assist you with getting the very best from your camera, helping you with light and composition, and teaching you my latest photographic techniques.


Small groups mean strong camaraderie amongst the participants is formed early. Because our groups are small - just 4 participants on each landscape photography workshop - and because we travel together, friendships form quickly. We all have a fantastic time. And because we share the love of photography, there’s always plenty to talk and laugh about. Many friendships have blossomed from our workshops and continue for many years to come.


A tour will take you to the location and leave you to get your own shots. You're on your own to find the right places to photograph and get it right in your camera. Our Landscape Photography Workshops are more practical - we’ll take you to the best locations at the right time. But we’ll also show you where the best places are to shoot, and photograph along side you to show you what we’re capturing as a guide for your image making. We’ll be there to assist you with your photograph every step of the way - from setting up your tripod, to downloading your images and offering helpful camera and post-processing techniques. That way you’ll come away from our workshop with the best photographs possible. 


I need more information. Where do I go?

Please give me a call directly on 0490 055 697 so I can help answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to seeing you on this workshop soon!


Tom Putt

0490 055 697



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