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ONLINE PRESENTATION - The Top 12 Photographers that Inspire Me

DURATION - 56mins

PHOTO CREDIT - Rob Blakers Photography


I'm often ask for the photographers that inspire me - the ones that I look up to - the ones that I strive to keep up with. 

In this video (duration 56mins) I take you through these 12 incredible photographers and show you examples of their work. I talk about why their imagery inspires me and methods you can employ in your photography.


Tom Putt


Here's what others had to say about this presentation:

"Loved it Tom. A couple of the Tasmanian photographers have been to our photography club to give a talk." Dianne, TAS

"Wonderful presentation Tom. Keep them coming. Greatly appreciated."  Ross

"A VERY Special Presentation." Noel, VIC

"Thanks Tom very impressive." Jim, VIC

"Thanks Tom lots to get inspired about." Vicki

"As always Tom great work thank you." Julie, VIC

"Thanks Tom for taking the time to put this together for us." Jane

"Thanks Tom. Most enjoyable." Lisa, NSW

"Wonderful, thank you." Laurel

"Thank you Tom. Love to see these people's work." Anne

"Thanks Tom, really inspiring works." Suzanne

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