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ONLINE PRESENTATION - The Snow Landscapes of Australia


DURATION - 1 hour 26mins

Come with my on a journey where we explore the Snow Landscapes of Australia.

I've spent the best part of 20 years passionately exploring the Snow Landscapes of Australia.

I love nothing more than grabbing my pack, snow tent, sleeping bag and my camera to going bush. Photographing the stunning and often remote snow landscapes 

Join me as I showcase the Snowy Mountains, Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, Mount Baw Baw, Cradle Mountain, Mount Wellington and many other colder regions of Australia.

I take you through a soon-to-be-released book that features many of the best shots I've taken. 



PS. If you would like to photograph the snow here in Australia, we run an annual Snow Photography Workshop at Mount Hotham each year. CLICK HERE for more information.


Here's some of the feedback from this workshop:

"Absolutely amazing just love the snow landscape. Thank you once again for a brilliant presentation. Love the Monday night presentations. Cheers." Vicki

"Thanks Tom another fantastic presentation. I would love to do your snow workshop one day, hopefully it will happen!" Elaine

"Well done Tom. Very entertaining, wonderful images and brilliant dedication to landscape photography. Love it." Ross

"Thanks Tom. A wonderful presentation. Fingers crossed we can enjoy winter again this year!" Marg

"What an awesome presentation, Tom Putt. Thank you for taking us to the snowy scenes tonight." Robyn

"Another brilliant presentation. I cannot wait to get to Tasmania to shoot some landscapes." Michael

"Tom I love the behind the scenes stories that you tell with your pics. It really makes the presentation. 😍" Sue

"Loved this presentation and the extreme you go to. Love snow photography after attending a workshop in Norway 2 years ago." Jim

"These shots are amazingly beautiful and more rewarding I'm sure because of the extreme effort." Ross

"Thanks Tom for sharing these beautiful places that many of us have never been to." Julie

"Thanks Tom Putt for tonight's escape and all the stories with your images!" Steph

"Wow I really enjoyed this presentation. Thank you Tom." Anthony

"Thanks for tonight loved it. Best part you made it real! Yes you camped, yes it was a hard trek, yes it was cold... you also b took me to some places my dad had been (He would have loved to take you on a personal guided tour of Tassie ) so thank you for that. Xx" Ainsley

"Thanks so much Tom, brings back so many wonderful memories of skiing in all these areas, taking lots of pix as well many years ago. Great show, as usual!" Suzanne

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