DURATION - 1 hour 14mins

In this presentation we go to the remote area of North West Australia known as The Kimberley.

Rugged, spectacular, memorising!

Join me as I take you through this incredible area. From 2007 to 2017, I've done eight major expeditions to bring you this presentation.

The Kimberley is an adventure you'll never forget! There's just so many god-damn beautiful places to photograph including:

- Mirima NP

- Wyndham mudflats

- The Bungle Bungles

- Broome

- The Gibb RIver Road

- Mitchell Falls

- El Questro



PS. If you would like to photograph The Kimberley for yourself, we will be running a workshop there again in April 2021. Visit our workshops page at tomputt.com for more information.


Here's some of the feedback from this presentation:

"Fantastic presentation Tom. I live in WA and I have never ventured to the Kimberly’s. Lovely to see it through your presentation, stunning scenery." Carol

"Thanks for the presentation. Stunning images Tom. Brings back memories from a trip 4 years ago to the area." Steve

"Fabulous presentation Tom. Brought back wonderful memories for me. Thank you for sharing." Jason

"Wow, you really accessed some amazing scenery! Great presentation thanks Tom." Chris

"Thank you Tom, that was a great presentation." Kerry

"Fabulous presentation as always." Janene

"Another fantastic presentation showcasing our incredible Australian landscapes - thanks much Tom 👏" Lynn

"So cool! Managed to watch the replay and there was so much inspiration for photographing around home. Thanks for a great presentation and hopefully we see you in Broome-town someday soon!" Keryn

"Fantastic presentation Tom. Thanks!" Rob

"Awesome presentation Tom absolutely stunning images of such an amazing place. Thank you for sharing." Travis

"Thank you for yet an another amazing presentation. Your photos are truly amazing! I just want to get out there now!" Elaine

"Thanks Tom, wonderful presentation, your photography is amazing!" Jan

"Well done Tom. Another gem of a presentation - beautiful images and many don't appreciate the measures photographers go to to get the images!" Ross

"Thanks Tom for this wonderful presentation. I enjoyed it very much" Maribi

"Stunning Stunning. Another fabulous presentation Tom. Wow so inspirational such an amazing country we live in. Thanks so much." Vicki

"We have been thoroughly treated tonight with your beautiful photos and this amazing scenery. Thank you for sharing, Tom." Anne

"Fabulous presentation Tom. Brought back wonderful memories for me. Thank you for sharing." Julie

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