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ONLINE PRESENTATION - Milford & Routeburn Walking Tracks, New Zealand

Duration 1 hour 11mins


In this video we go to the stunning landscapes of the MIlford & Routeburn Tracks in New Zealand.

Come with me as we walk through ancient rainforest, cross turquoise flowing rivers on never-ending swing bridges, and gaze across glacial valleys.

I've been fortunate to walk both these tracks twice now and publish a book on each - let me take you there!




Here's some of the feedback from this presentation:

"Thank you, another great presentation." Carol

"Thanks Tom! Really enjoyed it. Hopefully will be doing the tracks with my sister in NZ!" Lotje

"Another fantastic presentation! Thank you :)" Elaine

"Thanks Tom. Another wonderful presentation!" Marg

"Great Presentation Tom Thanks So much buddy." Karl

"Very enjoyable thank you Tom, lots of wow images. ..." Sabine

"Thanks Tom terrific images and tales again." Dave

"Great presentation, brings back good memories." Matthew

" Thanks Tom, very informative. Enjoyed the journey." Carolyn

" Thanks Tom absolutely fabulous." Nicky

" Thanks Tom, great presentation, looks like an amazing place." Vanessa

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