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ONLINE PRESENTATION - Bhutan Land of the Thunder Dragon

Duration 1 hour 40mins

Come with me on this journey through this incredible country. Embrace the pure energy of Bhutan as we travel over spectacular mountain passes, through valley floors and onto ancient cities where you will experience a mixture of modern development alongside ancient traditions.

I've been to Bhutan twice now both in the winter and summer. In this presentation you'll see the differences in the two seasons through the landscape. 

See amazing temples (Dhongs), the lovely people, the local cuisine, and the infamous roads!!




Here's some of the feedback from this workshop:

"Great presentation Tom Putt really enjoyed the trip from my couch 👍🍷" Sally

"Thanks Tom awesome presentation again." Kay

"Thanks very much Tom. Very enjoyable." Ian

"Thanks Tom, a great insight into their culture and country." Andrew

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation, Tom." Robyn

"Thank you Tom, love to see other cultures and people." Claudia

"Thanks Tom fabulous evening and what an amazing cultural." Vicki

"Thanks Tom. Very interesting. Really enjoyed the cultural journey." Carolyn

"THANKS Tom Putt for a great evening - learnt a lot! Loved the mix of images & videos ." Stephanie

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