We're not always smashing it

July 03, 2020

We're not always smashing it

I think there's a common belief amongst amateur photographers that professionals are always smashing it. 

We're the ones who every time we go out and shoot, we nail it!

WOWSERS! I wish!

I can tell you that professionals take just as much rubbish as you guys. Perhaps a professional's rubbish you'd consider to be okay, but I know that I professionals need to practice their craft as much as you do.

And we make mistakes.

And we think something is going to turn out fine and it doesn't.

And we get despondent.

And we get stuck in a rut.

And we think what's the point.

And we look at ALL our past work and think it's rubbish.

And we think we're not getting anywhere with this photography gig.

Sound familiar?

Just because we're professionals doesn't mean we are immune from the same insecurities as you guys.

I'm sure there's a number of you out there that think I do well in EVERY photo competition I enter. 

Sure I've had a good run of it lately, however that won't last forever (and that's ok).

But I do enter quite a few competitions each year (approx. 10), so based on the numbers alone, I should come away with something if my work is good enough.

But for the few I do well in, there's just as many - if not more - that i don't do well in. Of course, you never hear about those.

You see, we're not always smashing it.

Cheers Tom Putt 

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August 16, 2020


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