Shoot less

June 30, 2020

Shoot less

I’ve got a challenge for you - shoot less!

Yep, that’s right - shoot less.

It will make you a better photographer.

How so?
Well when you’re restricted in shooting, you’re going to be selective in what you shoot, right?

I’ve set myself a goal recently - to NOT shoot when I go out.

Correct. I didn't want to shoot.
I wanted to keep my camera in the bag as long as possible.
I said to myself, "No way are you coming out unless you deserve it."
You see, it’s become so easy to to drag the camera out. It’s become too easy to fire away willy nilly - to shoot without thought and hope that something comes out.
So now I only reserve the best photographs for the ones that deserve it.
The ones that demand my attention.
The ones that will make me proud.
The ones that if my photography friend were watching me download would say, "Ohhh I love that one!"
Shoot less - it will make you a better photographer.
Cheers Tom Putt
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August 16, 2020



August 16, 2020


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